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American National Standards Committee (ANSC) C63® Holds Summer Workshop in Grand Rapids

By Janet O’Neil, C63 Workshop Administrator

This year’s C63 Summer Workshop, held in conjunction with the 2023 IEEE International Symposium in Grand Rapids, Michigan, featured two key topics: the flagship C63.4 standard and new C63.25 standards series.

The 1.5 day workshop shared the activity currently underway in the ANSC C63® committee for the C63.4 and C63.25 series. Among the many updates shared, EMC Site Validation requirements are migrating from C63.4 to the C63.25 standards series: ANSC C63 - C63.25.1, C63.25.2, and C63.25.3. Topics covered included:

  • Review of the latest draft edition of ANSI C63.4:20xx

  • Application of Time Domain (TD) SVSWR in C63.25.1 (1 GHz – 18 GHz)

  • Newly streamlined procedures for site validation measurements in C63.25.2 (30 MHz – 1 GHz)

  • Latest development for site validations using Cylindrical Mode Filtered SVSWR (CMF SVSWR) measurements for test site validation and antenna calibration (18 GHz – 40 GHz) to be included in C63.25.3

The workshop was designed to increase attendees’ understanding of the C63.4 standard and the expected changes in the next revision, and what to anticipate in the new C63.25 series on EMC site validation methods.

For the C63.4 discussion, an analyses and changes in the requirements for the above 1 GHz test method, use of the 2 dB rule, compliance files, test setup changes, and many other aspects were addressed by speaker Andy Griffin with Cisco, an active technical contributor to ANSC C63 and chair of the C63.4 working group. Attendees learned about RF emission measurement procedures, national and international regulatory implications, test facility and instrumentation requirements, and equipment test arrangements and configurations

For the new C63.25 standard series discussion, speaker Zhong Chen with ETS-Lindgren presented the application of time domain and mode filter methods for validating EMC test sites. He also conducted a live demonstration on its usage using the EMC test chamber at E3 Compliance. Attendees learned about the application for site validation as well as antenna calibration.

Zhong Chen is the Vice-Chair of ANSC C63 and an active technical contributor. Andy Griffin is Chair of Subcommittee 1 (SC1), Techniques and Development. Standards C63.4 and C63.25 are developed and maintained by SC1.

The workshop was held on July 28-29, 2023 at Grand Valley State University/E3 Compliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Grand Valley State University classroom was fantastic and ideally located across the hall from E3 Compliance, an EMC, high-speed design consulting, pre-compliance, and diagnostics company. It was a very interactive workshop with a great exchange during the informal Q&A sessions.

Many thanks to Bogdan Adamczyk, Professor of Engineering, Director of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Center with Grand Valley State University, for providing the excellent meeting space and supporting the workshop logistics. Thanks as well to Scott Mee, Owner & EMC Specialist with E3 Compliance, for providing access to the EMC test chamber to support the live demonstration. We also appreciated the warm hospitality extended by Jim Teune, Natalia Mee, and Nicklas Koeller with E3 Compliance! Last, but not least, thank you to Jeremy Cline with Rohde & Schwarz for generously loaning the VNA used in the demonstration.

Next year’s C63 Summer Workshop planning is now underway. The workshop will be held on Saturday, August 3, in Phoenix, Arizona, immediately prior to the 2024 IEEE International Symposium on EMC+SIPI. Visit the www.c63.org after February 1, 2024 for more information on the C63 Summer Workshop

The C63 Summer Workshop attendees, instructors, and administrator posed for a group photo following the time domain live demonstration held in the EMC test chamber at E3 Compliance in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Photo by Richard Georgerian)

The C63® committee has a newsletter that shows the latest news and information about C63® and its activities. Read the lastest issues at https://www.c63.org/documents/c63/list_of_newsletters.htm for information about the most recent changes to C63® standards.