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International Standardization


Subcommittee 3 (SC3) is responsible for promoting and facilitating harmonization of C63® publications with those developed by national and international standards bodies. SC3 establishes and maintains liaisons with these standards bodies or the appropriate national committee to facilitate coordination and cooperation. SC3 is also responsible for writing and maintaining existing and proposed C63® standards as assigned by the Main Committee American National Standards Committee (ANSC) C63®.


Work Flow


There are two classes of membership: regular members and liaison members.

Regular Members:
For regular membership consideration, applicants are required to attach a resume to the application form highlighting their expertise in electromagnetic compatibility and the type of contributions they can provide of interest to Subcommittee 3.  Subcommittee membership requires Subcommittee approval and a C63 vote and, if approved, notice of acceptance will be sent to the applicant.  For name and address of the Subcommittee Chair and for Subcommittee projects, please see the Subcommittee listings on the C63 web site at www.C63.org

See "Membership and Working Group Roster" page for additional criteria for continued membership

Liaison Members:
Liaison members are special non-voting members as by virtue of their positions may be needed to conduct SC3 business that covers topics of the standards committees which they represent.  The liaison members of Subcommittee 3 consist of the technical advisors (TAs) and deputy technical advisors (DTAs) of the IEC USNC TAGs which have as their main scope EMC topics.  These members are approved by the regular members of the subcommittee and the parent committee as noted for regular members.  Should the need arise to include additional liaison members during the year (in addition to those included on the SC membership list approved at the first C63 meeting of the year) as a result of special circumstances (i.e., the individual can contribute significantly to the work of the Subcommittee), liaison membership may be granted after approval by the Regular Members of the Subcommittee and a parent committee vote.

NOTE:  Fees for membership, meetings, and other costs are covered in the general fee structure on the C63 web site.  Liaison members will not have a regular membership fee but may be charged a meeting fee to offset meeting expenses.

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