Target Time-Sensitive Tasks of ANSI ASC C63®

 (9 November 2010)


These are considered target times for completion of tasks indicated below.   ASC C63® will work to meet these times with the realization that the committee leadership are volunteers which need to work within their job constraints.  In addition, these tasks are subject to change as C63® revises its operating procedures and then receives ANSI response/approval


Task Description

Task Period

Action Required

1.  These procedures meet the requirements for due process and development of consensus for approval of American National Standards as given in ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards.


Essential Requirements available to all on ANSI site


ASC C63®’s web site where these tasks and major references and activity of the committee will be located is


Secretariat shall monitor ANSI site and inform Main Committee when ASC-C63® Procedures need to be updated based on changes from ANSI and as a result of assessments or audit by ANSI of the main committee operating procedures..

2.  Maintaining the standards developed by the ASC in accordance with ANSI Procedures Essential Requirements.


Subcommittee Chairs shall inform the Main Committee, at each meeting, the status of maintenance on all standards for which the Subcommittee has responsibility to maintain.

1)       Approaching 5 years

2)       Approaching 10 years – ( If  no action is taken,  it is administratively withdrawn automatically.)

3.  Responding to requests for interpretations of the standard(s) developed by the consensus body











Respond to request for explanation

8 weeks from receipt of interpretation request from C63® Secretariat who sends it to the SC Chair for action








4 weeks from receipt

Subcommittee Chairs are responsible for acting upon the request in accordance with C63® Procedures


a.  INTERPRETATION: (involves change to standard)

The interpretation group is assembled from those who were responsible for the standard in question. This schedule is a nominal schedule, but should be met. Some interpretations are easier to reach than others and will be completed sooner, conversely others could take longer but these will be rare. The requestor will receive notification when the interpretation goes to C63® voting state. The process will then take 4 weeks to finish and then the requestor will receive a response from the secretary. The response will then be posted/archived on the website available for public review. If the voting fails, then this process will be extended for 4 weeks to allow for re-interpretation and re-voting. The interpretations report will be archived.


b.  EXPLANATIONS (involves restatement of what is in standard—with no change to the standard):

Explanations are the responsibility of the subcommittee chair which is responsible for the standard in question.  Explanations do not involve changes in the standard, but only to further explain the details that are in the standard. The explanation group resides in the subcommittee without C63®vote needed to provide explanation to the questioner. The requestor will receive the response from the secretary and it will then be posted on the website for public review.


Task Description

Task Period

Action Required

4. The Secretariat shall review the Main Committee membership list annually.

As required

C63® 's  Membership Committee's report at each Main Committee meeting shall contain membership changes for attachment to the Minutes.  Subcommittee Chairs shall submit a membership list to the Consensus Body at its first yearly meeting for approval.  C63® Secretariat shall update website where Membership list resides.

5.  The Secretariat shall maintain a current and accurate Main Committee roster and shall distribute it to the members and their representatives at least annually.

Each meeting

Current C63® approved rosters will be attached to meeting minutes.

6.  The Secretariat shall maintain the roster on the web pages whenever changes are made. 

As required

Membership changes on the web page shall be updated by the Secretariat within 15 business days of any changes.

7.  The scope, duties, and membership of all Subcommittees shall be reviewed by the consensus body annually


 The scope, duties and membership of all subgroups that operate under Subcommittees shall be reviewed by the Subcommittee annually.


Subcommittee Chairs submit to the Main Committee at its year’s first meeting a copy of the subcommittee’s current scope, duties and membership roster for review.

8.  A majority of the members of the Main Committee shall constitute a quorum for conducting business at a meeting.

Each meeting

Roll call shall be taken at the start of Main Committee meetings and an announcement made, and recorded, that at least 50% of the voting membership was present.  Also, meeting participants will be advised that only C63® members may vote.

9.  Voting on Standards.  Prompt consideration shall be given to the expressed views and objections of all participants, including those commenting on the listing in Standards Action.

4 weeks from ballot closing

Chair* of  balloting comment resolution group determines appropriate response action on all expressed views and objections.


(*Normally the chair of the Working Group for the standard is the chair of the comment resolution group.)

10. If the Secretariat does not submit the proposal (proposed standard) to ANSI within a reasonable period of time, any member(s) of the consensus body may make the submittal.

4 weeks after receipt of voting results, disposition of views, objections, appeals

C63®’s Secretariat submits proposal to ANSI.  If another member of the consensus body submits the proposal to ANSI, a copy of what was submitted shall be sent to the Chair, the Secretariat and the Secretary.  Copy of all submittals shall be archived by all parties involved.



Task Description

Task Period

Action Required

11. Records concerning actions on Standards developed by C63® or a part(s) of a Standard developed by C63® maintained under the continuous maintenance option shall be retained for a minimum of five (5) years or until approval of the subsequent revision or reaffirmation of the complete standard.


Records concerning withdrawals of all Standards developed by C63® shall be retained for at least five years from the date of withdrawal.


The Secretariat shall maintain all records concerning C63® standards development and shall make this information available to anyone upon request.  A copy of all records shall be sent to the Chair, Secretary and C63® web-content manager.


A record of the current status of all C63® standards shall be archived on the web page.  See

This becomes part of the archived records.



12.  Within thirty days after receipt of the complaint, the respondent (Chair or Secretariat representative) shall respond in writing to the appellant, specifically addressing each allegation of fact in the complaint to the extent of the respondent’s knowledge.

The target shall be 30 days after receipt of complaint

C63® Chair, Secretariat or Secretary shall  respond  in writing to appellant.  The response will be based on getting information to answer the appeal from the Subcommittee which has the responsibility for the standard which is the subject of the appeal.